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Gmail faxing has been made possible with the evolving technology in the communication industry. It has made communication easier, convenient, quick without the stress involved with the use of traditional fax machines. You can also send a pdf to a fax machine to enjoy the benefits. The following are some of the advantages of using Gmail fax.


Unlike other traditional faxes, Gmail fax services are cheaper. There’s no need of dealing with a lot of paperwork which can be extremely expensive or buying a fax machine and its tools. A fax machine requires regular maintenance and care which are expensive and time-consuming.

There are plenty of Gmail service providers which offer affordable packages depending on the need of the user. The providers allow the user to have a free trial account at first before considering a payment plan. Sending and receiving faxes is done by using a valid Gmail account, internet, and a computer or smartphone. Gmail faxing also helps to keep the environment clean, the cost of power for a paper shredder will decrease.

Keep Reference

Gmail faxing keeps messages somewhere in the cloud. All messages you send and receive remain on your device and even if you replace the device as soon as you log into your Gmail account your messages will be there. This is a good method when it comes to the storage of documents, you can use Gmail faxing to refer documents in the future.

You just have to go back to the old emails which are organized according to the dates they were sent or received. Storing documents becomes easy without having to deal with plenty of paperwork and records. However, you can choose to print the documents, keep them in the device or transfer the files to external storage. There is no worry of missing fax or its content.

gmail fax

File Format Conversion

You can easily convert a wide range of files to the required fax image format. Traditional faxing only sends and receives fax messages in their original format. It is possible to convert any fax into PDF for easier reading on a computer and printing.

This makes it convenient for businesses especially when sending and receiving different documents across all departments, you can convert a document to your preferred format. Gmail faxing enables the conversion of complicated files into readable documents.

Easy to Learn

One of the reasons most people have moved from traditional fax machines is a lack of familiarity with the old devices. Gmail faxing is easy to learn and doesn’t require any type of training for the employees to do the job. There are so many tutorials available on the internet, offering simple steps to follow. You can send your first Gmail fax in just minutes.