use google fax

With the latest technology, sending and receiving faxes has become easier and can be done from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. When using fax to Gmail service there is no need for a fax machine, you only have to create a Gmail account and subscribe to an online fax provider. Gmail faxing is a cheap, quick, and time-saving method of communication. The following are the benefits of using Gmail fax.


Using Gmail fax is affordable compared to other conventional faxing methods. It does not require a fax machine, toners, papers, and other faxing tools. You just need to sign up for a Gmail account and subscribe to an online fax provider. Some fax providers have one monthly free trial for new users.

Find a reputable fax provider to make sure you send and receive faxes conveniently. Creating a Gmail account is quick and free, you can have a separate account for faxing to keep your incoming messages organized. You do not have to keep paperwork that is expensive and pollutes the environment.

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The entire process of sending and receiving faxes is convenient. Using conventional methods you have to be near a fax machine while with a Gmail fax you can send and receive messages at the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

This is possible by the use of smartphones as long as you have an internet connection. Employees don’t have to go to the office to send messages In case of work emergencies. It has made workflow efficient and saving of money and time.

Clarity And Quality Of Documents

With Gmail faxing you to get high-quality documents and they have good clarity. After downloading your files you do not have to scan them.

The device you are using sends and receives messages with the same quality and clarity as they were sent. All the details are included like images and colors. Gmail faxing is compatible with every machine allowing you to get good quality faxes.

Conversion Of File Formats

Gmail can automatically convert files to a format that is compatible with all fax machines. It also converts complicated files into readable documents. You can convert any filed document to PDF for easier reading and printing on your computer.

The conversion process is simple, faster, and cheap compared to traditional faxing. This is good for a business when sending and receiving different documents across all departments, it is easier to convert a document to the format you want.

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Keep Reference

All messages you send and receive remain on your device. This is a good method when it comes to the storage of documents, you can use Gmail faxing to refer to documents in the future. You just have to go back to the old emails which are organized according to the dates they were sent or received.

Storing of documents becomes easy without having to deal with plenty of paperwork and records. However, you can choose to print the documents, keep them in the device or transfer the files to external storage. There is no worry of missing fax or its content.